How we solve problemsStep 3: Develop

How we solve problemsStep 3: Develop.
Devetry provides transparent communication throughout the software development process to ensure the final product meets all requirements .
Development Considerations .
In many ways, software and mobile app development are as much art as science.
What works for one project may not work for another, and developing the ideal solution requires both expertise and creativity.
Devetry has assembled a nimble team of problem-solvers with experience across a wide variety of langu age s and frameworks.
Teams comprised of both senior and junior level developer s work efficiently and transparently to ensure the best possible outcome for every client, product, and project.
After Devetry’s extensive discovery process, it was determined that the best option for building Pitch, based on ASU’s goals, budget, and timeline, would be on open-source software called Rocket.

Chat which uses a Node backend and Blaze frontend

Devetry used an agile develo pm ent process to create solutions that evolved through collaboration between cross-functional teams.
Pitch is now live for 10,000+ users, with custom functionality that includes Qualtrics survey integration and a chat bot called Devi that uses Amazon’s Lex for natural language processing .
Devetry continues to work with ASU to build custom features to meet the needs of Pitch’s growing user base.
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The Benefits of Working with an Agile Software Development Partner

Before you choose a software development partner, it’s important to understand the company’s development approach and how it will impact you.

Do they use a traditional approach like Waterfall or an Agile approach like Scrum

And why does it matter .

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