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#1 2020-09-13 09:31:36

From: Belgium, Leerbeek
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I have a love hate for Monopoly

COVID shut down the world and my drive.
First the cons, then my creativity.
Someone please release me from this prison of my own machination.
ADLi is not dead.
This blog is not dead.
I take forever to post anything.
Lots to talk  about  and lots of time to make up.
Monopolist Complex.
I have a love hate for Monopoly.
Probably one of the most influenced (copied) game format out there for the consumer gamer.
Whether you love it or hate, odds are you’ve played it and enjoyed it.
Time for Change.
I’ve been thinking, and I’ve been blinking.
It’s time for some change.

Yuzo Related Posts plugin got me jacked

In a span of 24hrs I just got one of the biggest scares in my digital existence… ADLi website got hacked.

Candy vs Gem – The Battle Continues

Two things that are relatively similar in many ways, yet different enough to evoke a distinct preference.
The  quest ion remains, do you prefer candies or gems.
Site just got hacked.

Injection code into a good deal of my pages has not F***ED up my damn evening
Hopefully I can get into phpMyAdmin and irradicate this SOB


One thing that is ultra annoying about owning a WordPress site

Even with all the security  features  and plugins, there are small holes plugin developers may not see […]                                                                        Candies vs Gems.
This may all seem a little silly but it is a true dilemma  when it comes  to design.
Two things that are relatively similar in many cases, yet different enough to evoke a distinct response.
Take a poll on your favourite at interactive                                                                         Sometimes you must fail to succeed.
Barrie Game Exchange 2019.

Give credit where credit is due First off

I’d like to send a big THANK YOU to Barrie Game Exchange (BGE) for putting on another outstanding show.
My first time visiting this amazing event was when I exhibited back in fall of 2018.
I’ve seen and heard  about  it for years but never thought it […]                                    1   2  3  4  5 >».


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